Decorprint is a family-owned company, a leading manufacturer of textile transfers and emblems. Your competitive advantage is our priority. In all our businesses, our people combine material expertise with technological know-how.

With this professional know-how we develop high-quality solutions that strengthen your competitiveness in the long term.
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SOFT-TOUCH transfer is ideal for sportswear. It is extremely effective in blocking dye migration from pigmented or sublimated fabrics even when their pigments are reactivated during transfer application.
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The reflective transfer for your sportswear. Retroreflection is an application of the phenomenon of light reflection which consists of reflecting light back to the source, regardless of the original angle of incidence.



Personalise your teams with names and colours per unit, one transfer for each team member.

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It is a highly opaque transfer, with high stretch and recovery. It incorporates the Bio-Block component that kills bacteria, viruses and fungi, for the proper maintenance and functioning of your orthopaedic sports garments.
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Personalise your sports equipment and equipment, as well as all the clean and smooth surfaces that your team requires.


Our heat transfers are automatically applied and are to permanently identify your brand. With built-in BIO-BLOCK, it prevents odour.

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The best Textile Transfer machines on the market.