DECORPRINT has a whole history behind it that goes back to 1947. The family came from Germany and arrived in Barcelona at the end of the 19th century.

In the 1930s it began its activity dedicated to the decoration of the most precious porcelains. As production was acquiring an important volume, there came a time when the solution lay in the automation of production with glass-ceramic decals. It was a pioneering idea.

Currently, we also manufacture glazed stickers that decorate the most exclusive porcelain. Furthermore, our technology, our facilities and machinery, as well as our knowledge of pigments, together with our team of designers, allows us to design and produce unitary textile transfers and textile transfers on rolls.

Our commitment is to provide creative solutions to surprise our clients

Decades of experience, as well as knowledge of the production processes, regulations and certifications of each of our products, ensure quality solutions.

We are proud to serve a growing segment of the market that appreciates the rich history of a tradition that goes back many years with textile transfers and quality glazed decals.

Every product we make and every unit is like a small work of art and is therefore desired. Each one of them has our values implicit. This is what DECORPRINT stands for.

Can you give us some advice?; If you find a DECORPRINT sticker, don't let it get away.